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the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

On the catwalks, fashion has always been said to be born. But if it’s not well marketed, a fashion doesn’t make the trend, it’s here that the magazines play an important role, using the power of the data, finding a mark against another, valuing one style against another…

Find in style today’s ten most popular magazines on the globe.Vogue: it’s out in over 20 countries. His unique style seamlessly combines the best of fashion, illustration, drawing and painting in his posts, and provides exclusive information on the world’s most important brands and designers. In its various versions (paper and digital), it has 16 million subscribers, where you can find the latest stories on fashion, beauty and lifestyles.
Harpers Bazaar: Founded in the United States in 1867, it remains at the forefront of celebrity and fashion news reports, with photos and high-quality items. W magazine: it has 469,000 readers and has made a name for itself by specializing in North American high society fashion covers and luxury trends and celebrities.
Nylon: he focuses on tracking pop culture and fashion, presenting an alternative style in his reports as a result of the podium union with the best of the road.

In style: it depends on the 1.4 million annual subscribers for which, by providing a guide with realistic and usable ideas of what the trend is, it is a constant source of inspiration.

Cosmopolitan: it is aimed at an adult audience, with the topics of sexuality, fitness, well-being and style being its strong points. Through sexual and romantic relationships he becomes the ultimate consultant. He also hires people to address his readers ‘ questions.
Surface: showcasing the latest trends in design and architecture framed in a provocative and avant-garde style, it stands out as a guide to contribute to the success of major brands ‘ advertising campaigns.

Vanity Fair: It is considered one of world culture and fashion’s most popular magazines, characterized by its provocative covers, stunning photographs, the quality of its articles and exclusive celebrities.Marie Claire: it’s a website that not only discusses fashion, trends, health and beauty, but also takes up women’s life stories around the world, which is why it won his followers ‘ hearts.

Without a question, we can say that if these magazines did not exist, style, as we know it today, would not have this impact in the world That is why when you want to dress up in style and learn the new trends, you have to read them.


the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

The 80s are an incredible decade, a time of revolt, with colorful clothes, trendy hairstyles and a very heavy make-up. We preferred different styles to wed. These models are socially forced on themselves and others. But in culture, all these types are welcome.

The 80’s hairstyles have not gone unnoticed. Everywhere we saw hair: painted, gel, moss or gominées. We rendered asymmetric cuts of perms. Seeing the wavy spongy hair was natural and having a messy wet curly hair on the sides with a slight bow. At the moment, so many loops were prohibited to add volume to smooth hair. She also wore prominent fringes with half ponytails that plated half of the hair and disheveled the other half curly. The woman would wear it with a hoopette if the hair was long, with a curly fringe. Fashion band and accessories for flashy hair were introduced by the famous singer Madonna. The quirky look of the hair was to match a glamorous makeup. The lips in black and yellow, mauve, fuchsia, purple and red are deep and shiny. The face was covered with a good foundation sheet, the eyes were facial headlights, eyelids with color associations like yellow, green, black, purple and white. The eyeliner was to apply with thick lines to the inside and outside of the face. Mascara were mandatory, at least two black coats. And we used dark colors on the cheekbones to bring the whole thing out.
For diamonds or important jewelry, the ideal look of the time was worn. They put the epaulettes in shirts, tops and shoes. It could be very short skirts or tops. The intention was to exaggerate everything. Every day they were very tight, the elastic tights could be used and it showed women’s legs in their bright and neon colors. Long and w tops and t-shirts

There were the sunglasses among the accessories that followed those lavish looks. The most popular brand was the Ray-Ban company. Earrings fancy and collectible jewelry; necklaces and rings bright and neon. Red gloves and matching tights with tops. The ones that shone the most were the garments that had the most appeal in the 80s. Rhinestones appeared regularly on jackets and jewelry of all sorts. The most common colors were: fuchsia, red, orange, blue, and traditional black and white. Time is shifting and shaping everything, as with jewelry. Since the beginning of humanity, they have been around and to the degree that the world has changed, jewelry has also been transformed.Since its inception, the man has looked at various materials to convert and use them as ornaments, and the first materials he used were the bones of various wild animals in his natural need for clothing. Such decorations gave it an ornamental and symbolic feature. The most common items in prehistory were mammoth canines and rib fragments, covering and decorating breasts and arms with large bracelets and necklacesMediterranean coastal cultures benefited from the collection of shells and molluscs for pendulum ornamentation. Archeological documents, however, suggest that seeds, feathers, wood and leather were also used as raw material to make their first jewelry, and in some cases the items are pearl mother.

Egyptian patterns were used widely in jewelry later. Gold was used in their uniforms as the main piece. Their jewelry was heavy and bulky, from small bracelets to massive necklaces. They were given a special preference:A very special invention called “collar,” made of metal discs and placed directly on the body. The women were wearing lavish pieces of gold, silver and bronze used in ceremonies.

the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

  Necklaces of dense, hollow, filigree or openwork balls were used at the start of the modern era, always as feminine decorations. The Egyptians wear medallions, generally iron, around the neck as a personal decoration that included a falcon or a vulture with spreading wings, among other items.

The earrings are used not only to decorate the ears, but also the entire body as decorative elements. Likewise, this custom was adopted by the Greeks and Romans, who wore gold earrings in their bodies. Even children wore gold earrings in one ear.
At the beginning of the modern era, necklaces of thick, hollow, filigree gold openwork balls were used, always as feminine ornaments. The Egyptians wore medallions, usually metal, around the neck as a personal ornament containing, among other things, a falcon or a vulture with spread wings. The earrings were used as decorative elements, not only to decorate the ears, but also the whole bodyLikewise, the Greeks and Romans who wore gold earrings in their bodies followed this practice. Some kids wore earrings of gold in one ear.

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