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Skin types for women

1. Introduction
2. Normal skin
3. Mixed skin
4. Dry skin
5. Oily skin
6. Sensitive skin
1. Introduction

A wide variety of makeup and beauty products are available to help you take good care of your skin. The first step toward good make-up is to provide a good foundation for Your body, like an artist’s blank canvas. There are a variety of skin types:

2. Normal Skin

Healthy skin appears to be clean, smooth. It looks matt and feels smooth and gentle. It has the least skin problems and is less common than other styles. Using moisturizer for healthy, alcohol-free skin and toner.

3. Mixed / Combination Skin

Combination skin is usually a cooler and plump-looking outfit. There are oily areas on the nose, chin and forehead with this type of skin-the’ T’ region.

Treatment for this type of skin needs Different Products to handle each area separately. In combination skin, there are moisturizers made, but if you use two different products, the results are better.Use an astringent facial toner to remove excess oil and grime. Use a motif-Yang brand to hydrate the rest of the face with regular or dry skin cream before adding the makeup.

4. Dry Skin

Many women use oil-based products to fight against facial dryness, which is not the most suitable because dry skin is due to lack of moisture.

It is best to drink lots of water and apply Again to keep this type of skin hydrated, remove all the makeup and impurities that have collected on the skin all day long.

Make up removal is a daily routine that consists of three steps:

Cleanse: First, remove the make-up with different pro ducts from the eyes and lips. Using cleaning milk and cotton pads for healthy, sensitive or dry skin.

Use a soap as milk cleansers contain oil and would be harmful for oily or dry skin or acne.

Tone: Toner can be used to transfer any traces of Up, impurities or cleanser using a cotton pad. Press it with your fingertips if you just want to smooth your hair.

The toner must be unique to all skin types: Susceptible skin relaxing, oily skin astringent, acne antibacterial.

• Hydrate: use a moisturizer to prevent skin from drying and serve as a protective barrier. Oily skin with gel-based pro ducts should also be hydrated. Moisturizing creams dependent on water at least once a day. The presence of premature fine lines and a little sun intolerance are other characteristics of this body.

5. Oily Skin

Oily skin to touch is sometimes plump, light and warm.

Using astringent tonic to help absorb excess oil on this type of skin. Using water-based creams, not oil-based creams, so you don’t saturate the body. In this form of skin, wrinkles are often delayed with development, pores can be visible, and sun tolerates quite well.

6. Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is easily irritated, resulting in spots and redness. It may also look scaly, especially around the eyebrows and nostrils. Sensitive skin Looks rarely cold.

It is best to avoid the sun for those with sensitive skin as it causes dryness and tightness, avoid tanning and alcohol-containing products. Using hypoallergenic products or creams that contain calming ingredients on sensitive skin

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