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the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

On the catwalks, fashion has always been said to be born. But if it’s not well marketed, a fashion doesn’t make the trend, it’s here that the magazines play an important role, using the power of the data, finding a mark against another, valuing one style against another…

Find in style today’s ten most popular magazines on the globe.Vogue: it’s out in over 20 countries. His unique style seamlessly combines the best of fashion, illustration, drawing and painting in his posts, and provides exclusive information on the world’s most important brands and designers. In its various versions (paper and digital), it has 16 million subscribers, where you can find the latest stories on fashion, beauty and lifestyles.
Harpers Bazaar: Founded in the United States in 1867, it remains at the forefront of celebrity and fashion news reports, with photos and high-quality items. W magazine: it has 469,000 readers and has made a name for itself by specializing in North American high society fashion covers and luxury trends and celebrities.
Nylon: he focuses on tracking pop culture and fashion, presenting an alternative style in his reports as a result of the podium union with the best of the road.

In style: it depends on the 1.4 million annual subscribers for which, by providing a guide with realistic and usable ideas of what the trend is, it is a constant source of inspiration.

Cosmopolitan: it is aimed at an adult audience, with the topics of sexuality, fitness, well-being and style being its strong points. Through sexual and romantic relationships he becomes the ultimate consultant. He also hires people to address his readers ‘ questions.
Surface: showcasing the latest trends in design and architecture framed in a provocative and avant-garde style, it stands out as a guide to contribute to the success of major brands ‘ advertising campaigns.

Vanity Fair: It is considered one of world culture and fashion’s most popular magazines, characterized by its provocative covers, stunning photographs, the quality of its articles and exclusive celebrities.Marie Claire: it’s a website that not only discusses fashion, trends, health and beauty, but also takes up women’s life stories around the world, which is why it won his followers ‘ hearts.

Without a question, we can say that if these magazines did not exist, style, as we know it today, would not have this impact in the world That is why when you want to dress up in style and learn the new trends, you have to read them.


the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

The 80s are an incredible decade, a time of revolt, with colorful clothes, trendy hairstyles and a very heavy make-up. We preferred different styles to wed. These models are socially forced on themselves and others. But in culture, all these types are welcome.

The 80’s hairstyles have not gone unnoticed. Everywhere we saw hair: painted, gel, moss or gominées. We rendered asymmetric cuts of perms. Seeing the wavy spongy hair was natural and having a messy wet curly hair on the sides with a slight bow. At the moment, so many loops were prohibited to add volume to smooth hair. She also wore prominent fringes with half ponytails that plated half of the hair and disheveled the other half curly. The woman would wear it with a hoopette if the hair was long, with a curly fringe. Fashion band and accessories for flashy hair were introduced by the famous singer Madonna. The quirky look of the hair was to match a glamorous makeup. The lips in black and yellow, mauve, fuchsia, purple and red are deep and shiny. The face was covered with a good foundation sheet, the eyes were facial headlights, eyelids with color associations like yellow, green, black, purple and white. The eyeliner was to apply with thick lines to the inside and outside of the face. Mascara were mandatory, at least two black coats. And we used dark colors on the cheekbones to bring the whole thing out.
For diamonds or important jewelry, the ideal look of the time was worn. They put the epaulettes in shirts, tops and shoes. It could be very short skirts or tops. The intention was to exaggerate everything. Every day they were very tight, the elastic tights could be used and it showed women’s legs in their bright and neon colors. Long and w tops and t-shirts

There were the sunglasses among the accessories that followed those lavish looks. The most popular brand was the Ray-Ban company. Earrings fancy and collectible jewelry; necklaces and rings bright and neon. Red gloves and matching tights with tops. The ones that shone the most were the garments that had the most appeal in the 80s. Rhinestones appeared regularly on jackets and jewelry of all sorts. The most common colors were: fuchsia, red, orange, blue, and traditional black and white. Time is shifting and shaping everything, as with jewelry. Since the beginning of humanity, they have been around and to the degree that the world has changed, jewelry has also been transformed.Since its inception, the man has looked at various materials to convert and use them as ornaments, and the first materials he used were the bones of various wild animals in his natural need for clothing. Such decorations gave it an ornamental and symbolic feature. The most common items in prehistory were mammoth canines and rib fragments, covering and decorating breasts and arms with large bracelets and necklacesMediterranean coastal cultures benefited from the collection of shells and molluscs for pendulum ornamentation. Archeological documents, however, suggest that seeds, feathers, wood and leather were also used as raw material to make their first jewelry, and in some cases the items are pearl mother.

Egyptian patterns were used widely in jewelry later. Gold was used in their uniforms as the main piece. Their jewelry was heavy and bulky, from small bracelets to massive necklaces. They were given a special preference:A very special invention called “collar,” made of metal discs and placed directly on the body. The women were wearing lavish pieces of gold, silver and bronze used in ceremonies.

the best fashion magazine in the world [fashion blogs english 2019]

  Necklaces of dense, hollow, filigree or openwork balls were used at the start of the modern era, always as feminine decorations. The Egyptians wear medallions, generally iron, around the neck as a personal decoration that included a falcon or a vulture with spreading wings, among other items.

The earrings are used not only to decorate the ears, but also the entire body as decorative elements. Likewise, this custom was adopted by the Greeks and Romans, who wore gold earrings in their bodies. Even children wore gold earrings in one ear.
At the beginning of the modern era, necklaces of thick, hollow, filigree gold openwork balls were used, always as feminine ornaments. The Egyptians wore medallions, usually metal, around the neck as a personal ornament containing, among other things, a falcon or a vulture with spread wings. The earrings were used as decorative elements, not only to decorate the ears, but also the whole bodyLikewise, the Greeks and Romans who wore gold earrings in their bodies followed this practice. Some kids wore earrings of gold in one ear.

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Weight Loss

You Can Do It! Lose The Weight With This Advice!

Your weight is an important factor in your social, romantic, and physical life on a day to day basis. Sooner or later, you will have to decide if you need to begin focusing on losing a few pounds and moving towards a healthier, more successful you. When you do, the information here will help guide you along the path and reach your destination a little bit quicker.
A good way to lose weight is to put up motivational pictures of the body you want to look like, around your house. It’s very easy to lose motivation when trying to lose weight, but by having pictures readily available you’ll be more likely to keep up with your weight loss plans.
If you’re serious about taking off the pounds, just remember that those delicious high-fiber bars and shakes won’t fill you up in the way that a baked potato with salsa will. Convenience diet foods are just that–convenient–and can be used when you don’t have time to make your foods. But if you want to have the most control over what you eat, you will have an easier time losing weight if you eat real food and make (or at least assemble) it yourself.
Weight loss is impossible without water. Many times your body can trigger a hunger response to thirst. If you drink a big glass of water before you eat you will know if you are really hungry or if you are just dehydrated. Keep a drink for yourself on hand at all times.
Start reading labels to help with your weight loss goal. Reading labels will assure you know what you are putting in your body, otherwise, you have no idea. Knowing what you’re putting in your body will give you a better idea of the reason your weight loss is successful or not successful.
Do not take a “magic pill” to help you lose weight. Falling victim to these weight loss scams will do nothing but discourage you. If you read the fine print on these pills, it will tell you to eat healthily and exercise, and this alone will help you lose weight without taking these potentially harmful drugs.
The average American diet is highly unhealthy. It consists of sugary sodas, fast fried foods, and fattening desserts. If you’re looking to eat right it might be time to cut out those sodas and replace them with water. The transition from fried to baked, and from fattening desserts to low-fat versions. If you don’t you may see an expanding waistline.
Research fast food menu options before eating out at a fast-food restaurant. This enables you to make good choices when eating fast food while trying to lose weight. Fast food is not forbidden as long as you are knowledgeable about what menu items are low in calories.
If you’ve reached a plateau in your weight loss, try something new. Shake up your routine a little bit. Take on a new workout routine, or experiment with different sports and activities. Don’t take the lack of weight loss to heart; sometimes everyone gets stuck at a certain level. The important thing is to keep going.
Pay attention to how much you are eating when you are trying to lose weight by never eating food directly from the bag or carton. It is easy to eat more than you planned when you eat directly out of the bag, so put a serving of the snack on a plate or in a bowl.
Here’s a celebrity tip: if you start getting snack cravings, brush your teeth. The mint flavor of toothpaste reminds your brain (and your stomach!) that it is not time to eat yet, which will cut back impulse snacking. Plus, there are extra benefits: you will have minty-fresh breath and will be less likely to get cavities.
No two people can follow the same pattern, but these tips that are offered above, are great for nearly any size and lifestyle. You can find a way to adjust the routines and fit yourself into a schedule that results in looking and feeling better, than ever before. It is never too late to start dropping a pants’ size.

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Diet weight loss

lower back pain treatment

lower back pain treatment  2019


lower back pain 

General description

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to doctor and miss work and is one of the world’s leading causes of disability. Many people suffer at least once from back pain.

Fortunately, you may take steps to prevent or alleviate some back pain episodes. Normally, if the bar fails, simple home therapy and proper body mechanics will cure your back in a few weeks and make it useful. For relieve back pain, surgery is rarely needed.symptom
Signs and symptoms of back pain may include: muscle pain Throbbing pain Pain that radiates to the leg Pain that gets worse when you sit, stand, stand or walk Pain that gets better when you lie down.In most cases, with home treatment and personal care, back pain gradually improves, usually within a few weeks. If there is no change in your discomfort in that time, consult your doctor.

Back pain can suggest a serious medical problem in rare cases. If your back pain causes new bladder or intestine problems, seek immediate attention; it is followed by fever; it occurs after a fall, a back blow or another injury.

Contact a doctor if your back pain:
It is painful and does not improve with rest; it spreads to one or both legs, especially if the pain occurs under the knee; it induces fatigue, vomiting and tingling in one or both legs; it is followed by unexplained weight loss.

Remember, if you start having back pain after age 50, or if you have a history of cancer, osteoporosis, use of medications, or heavy use of drugs or alcohol, consult your doctor.Causes
Degeneration and spine trauma caused pain in the lower back.

Click here for more information on an infographic Back pain which suddenly appears and lasts less than six weeks (acute) can result from a heavy object falling or lifting. Back pain for longer than 3 months (chronic) is less common than acute pain.

Back pain sometimes happens without prompting the doctor to associate with a procedure or a mri scan. The symptoms commonly associated with back pain include: tension of the muscle or ligament. Repeated lifting of heavy objects or a sudden incorrect movement may place strain on the back muscles and spine ligaments.If your condition is not good, constant back pressure can cause painful spasms of the muscle.

Protrusion and disk herniation. The disks act as bridges between the spine’s bones (vertebrae). Inside the disk, the soft surface can have a bulge or a fracture and exert pressure on a nerve. You may have a bulge or a herniated disk, but, without any back pain.Discopathy is typically accidentally discovered when you have a spinex-ray for some other cause.

Arthritis. The lower back can suffer from osteoarthritis. Spine arthritis can, in some cases, decrease the space around the spinal cord, a condition called spinal stenosis.

Irregularities of the bone. A condition where the bends of the spine to the side (scoliosis) may also cause back pain, but generally not before middle age.   Osteoporosis.
If your bones are brittle and weak, the spine vertebrae may have compression fractures.

Risk factor Everyone, including children and adolescents, can experience back pain. Such factors may increase the risk that back pain can develop: age. Back pain is normal when you develop, beginning at 30 or 40 years of age.

Lack of exercise. Back and abdominal weak or unused muscles can cause back pain.

Over weight. Overweight of the body exerts a backward pressure.

Diseases. Some styles of inflammatory disease and willcer can contribute to back pain.Pick up objects incorrectly. Using the back instead of the legs can cause back pain.
Psychological conditions People prone to depression and anxiety seem to have a higher risk of suffering from back pain.
Smoking It reduces blood flow to the lower part of the spine, which may stop the body from providing the back discs with enough nutrients. Smoking prevents rehabilitation as well. Prevention

lower back pain treatment  2019

 Once you strengthen your physical condition and study and practice proper body mechanics, you can stop back pain and prevent it from happening again.
To keep your back strong and healthy:
Do workout. Regular practice of low-impact aerobic exercises (those that do not generate tension or shake your back) will strengthen your back’s strength and endurance and enable better work for your muscles. Walking and swimming are good options. Talk to your doctor about activities you can try.

Develop muscle strength and flexibility. Exercises for abdominal and back muscles that strengthen the middle region of?Help your body grow these muscles to act as your back’s natural strip. The flexibility in your hips and upper legs aligns your pelvic bones to improve the feeling in your back. You can be told by your doctor or physical therapist what activities are appropriate for you.

Keeping a healthy weight Overweight puts pressure on the back muscles. If you are overweight, you can remove back pain by losing weight. Don’t smoke. Talk to your doctor about stopping cigarette strategies. Remove rotational and pressure motions on your back. Use properly the body:Keep your body straight Do not lean over. Maintains a pelvic neutral position If you have to stay standing for a long time, place one foot on a low footrest to relieve any weight from the lower area of?Your back. Your back. Adjust the feet. Good posture can lower back muscle pressure.

You are sitting upright. Choose a chair with good back support, armrests and a pivoting foundation. In the lumbar region of? put a pillow or rolled towel?Your back will hold its normal curve.Place the same amount on your knees and hips. Change your position regularly, at least every[* fr1] hour.

Stand up straight, stand up. Stop lifting heavy objects if possible, but let your arms do the work if you need to do it. Bring the back straight (no twisting) and just bend the knees. Place the object next to your skin. Find a person to help you lift the object if it is heavy or uncomfortable.

lower back pain treatment  2019

Be a careful buyer
Because back pain is so common, several products promise prevention or relief. However, there is no evidence to show that the use of special shoes, insoles, back supports, specially designed furniture or stress management programs can be useful.
Also, there does not seem to be a type of mattress that is better for people with back pain. It is probably a matter of what is most comfortable for you.
Mayo Clinic experience and patient stories
Our patients inform us that the quality of their interactions, our attention to detail and the efficiency of their visits constitute health care that they have never experienced before. Look at the stories of satisfied patients at Mayo Clinic.

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Weight Loss

Advice For Creating A Solid Weight Loss Plan

Lots of people attempt to lose weight. Many of them can achieve their goals and have the body they want. Other people don’t stick with it and eventually give up. If you fall in to this category, this advice should help you.
An important part of weight loss is eating in moderation. This doesn’t just mean cutting down on the food you eat. It also means reminding yourself that even treats are acceptable in moderation. A single calorie splurge, such as some French fries or a bowl of ice cream, doesn’t mean you’ve failed.
To be more effective at losing weight, try adding more spicy foods to your diet. This will result in an increased metabolism, which in turn burns fat at a faster rate. It isn’t necessary to make foods as spicy as you can bear – just a touch of spice can make a positive difference. Be sure to not start too strong, as you may quickly burn out.
If you have a dog, and you’re trying to take off a few pounds, walk your dog regularly, at least four times a day. Even a quick walk around the block is 3/8 of a mile in our neighborhood; four times makes 1.5 miles, which is a very respectable amount and enough to keep the weight from creeping back up. Don’t walk your dog? Time to start. Don’t have a dog? Get one and take him or her for a nice long walk, every day. You and your dog will be glad you did, and you’ll both be healthier for it.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work everyday and it will help you lose as much as 10 pounds a year. Taking the extra 5 minutes out of your day to take the stairs means you will not have to force yourself to exercise later when you will be easily distracted.
Eat smaller portions of food you love. You don’t have to sacrifice all the foods your love while you are dieting. Cut high calorie foods into smaller pieces before you eat them. Your body will feel like it is getting more than it is. Some brands already sell healthy-sized portions of their snack foods prepackaged.
Whole-grains are complex carbohydrates which take longer for your body to break down, which means that when you eat them you stay fuller longer, and the gradual release of energy from these foods means that you avoid cravings. Refined grains are simple carbohydrates, as they are quickly broken down into glucose by the body – avoid these. Most popular forms of grains, such as pastas and cereals, can be gotten in a whole-grain variety.
Try eating multiple small meals a day. One easy route is to do three meals a day plus two snacks. Eating smaller but more frequent meals will keep your body feeling satiated and will avoid letting your body go into starvation mode. When in starvation mode, your body will store everything as fat so keep your body happy by eating frequently through out the day.
Before sitting down to eat, take a walk. Exercising before a meal, not only helps out on the weight loss front, it will also make you much less likely to choose something full of empty calories to eat. A large percentage of weight loss is a mental game and you will need to learn how to play.
Consuming less sugar is a great way to help lose weight. Sugar is a high calorie food that does nothing helpful to your body except taste good. Sugar is also addicting, meaning the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want. Cut out sugar from your diet, and losing weight will follow along.
Flatten your belly while sitting behind your desk! The main muscle that you must work on when trying to get flat abs is called the transversus abdominis. This muscle can be strengthened by sucking in your belly button as much as you can, and hold it in as you breathe.
Millions of people are trying to lose weight. Some people find success. Others will make no progress and potentially gain weight. You will be able to lose weight if you follow the tips in this article.

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips Straight From The Body Gurus

There are many fad diets and plans out there that offer easy solutions to weight loss, but the safest and lasting way to lose weight is through proper diet and exercise. To learn how to lose weight effectively and safely, and to keep it off, read through the tips below.
To enhance your efforts at weight loss, make an effort to sneak vegetables into your “normal” foods. This is easily done by adding grated vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, onions, or peppers into meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, or soups. Don’t have time to grate and chop? Frozen vegetables will be your ally here; they can be easily added to a marinara sauce or pot of chili to amp up the flavor, fiber, and nutrients – and no one need be the wiser.

A good way to lose weight is, when you’re hungry, opt for a piece of fruit instead of an unhealthy snack. By choosing to eat a piece of fruit instead of junk food, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger. At the same time, you’ll also be taking in quality nutrients.
Lose more weight by building muscle. Muscle burns calories at a rate of four times faster than fat. Get some dumbbells or fill milk jugs to provide resistance. Do strength training exercises three times a week. This will help you build the muscle that will soon replace the fat you have burned off.
Switch to ground turkey in place of ground hamburger when losing weight. Ground turkey can be seasoned to taste and substituted for hamburger in tacos, patties, casseroles, meatballs, chili, and many more dishes. Ground turkey has less fat, great taste and is a perfect substitution for ground hamburger.
All fats are not bad. You need fat to survive. there are good and bad fats though and knowing which ones to eat and to avoid can help with making better diet choices. Try to avoid or minimize the intake of saturated and trans fats. Try to eat more good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
If you watch what you eat and what you do, it is truly very simple to lose weight. You should make sure to not stay stationary at any point, like watching television or reading a book. You will be expending the least amount of energy at these points. Instead, you should go for a walk or go outside.
When you want to lose weight, exchange driving short distances for walking to where you need to go. When the weather is nice, a walk can be good for your health and relaxing. You get to enjoy the beautiful outside while you burn some calories. If you don’t like walking alone, try to find a walking buddy who likes to take walks.
If you are trying to lose weight, be sure to check your weight regularly. This can help show you if your steps to your weight loss goals are working. Since you are weighing yourself often, don’t be discouraged if you don’t lose weight after one day. If you prefer to see your results in the form of numbers, try weighing yourself once a week instead of every day.
Instead of eating fried foods, explore other healthier ways of cooking. You can try broiling, roasting, baking, and steaming. Using these methods will cut down on the amount of fat that you consume which will result in weight loss. Most foods at fast food places are deep-fried so you should really avoid it as much as possible.
If you cheat on a diet, do not just give up and go back to eating all of the unhealthy things you were eating before. Everyone makes mistakes, so you should not be too hard on yourself. You just have to get the motivation to start all over again.
Make your goals a necessity. Set a strict deadline for yourself and you will be much more likely to stick to the program. Offer yourself a huge reward if you make it to your goal. Setting alerts on your phone or calendar to remind yourself that the deadline is approaching can be a good motivation.
As discussed above, the best way to lose weight is through a combination of exercise and a nutritious, healthy diet. While fad diets and weight loss products may seem like the way to go, these tips will help you lose weight safely as well as keep that weight off in the future.

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Diet weight loss

Where Does Back Pain Cause How To Treat Pain? Back pain symptoms

Where Does Back Pain Cause How To Treat Pain? [Back pain symptoms]

Throughout their lifespan, eight in ten people are familiar with back pain. Most people have multiple cases of back pain. But most can do their usual activities and work with few or no symptoms. A very common cause of absenteeism is also debilitating lower back pain.

Back pain may be caused by:

Of all back pain cases, 90% are categorized as non-specific, with an unknown cause causing pain. A serious back condition or nerve disorder is only 5-10% of lower back pain.

    Lumbago Sciatica Spinal leg, i.e. Spondylolysis and hydrolysis or vertebral dysfunction of the lumbar spinal canal or nerve root canal

 Degenerative disks Back flexibility Ankylosing spondylitis scoliosis Fascination, i.e. acute pain in the vertebrae Cross-intestinal joint pain (CI)

Pregnancy Childbirth Lower limb defects Body deficiency Insufficient fat, soft tissue and joints metabolism due to immobility


Where Does Back Pain Cause How To Treat Pain? [Back pain symptoms]

Risk factors for low back pain

Low physical activity, overweight, smoking, psychosocial factors (stress, anxiety, poor job satisfaction), heavy physical work, heavy motoring, and injuries are risk factors for back pain.

Staying in good shape is the best way to prevent rejuvenation of back pain or to maintain symptoms under control. Continue your back running and training. Sore back doesn’t mean it can’t be used. Just walking about facilitates healing.
Sudden or acute lower back pain

In sudden lower back pain (less than 6 weeks), it is necessary to avoid bed rest and to avoid daily activities despite pain. When agreeing to work plans with the employer and occupational health insurance, it is best to return to work as soon as possible.Cold pack as a topical treatment and analgesics (inflammation) may relieve pain. Relaxing the back with resting positions and pillows or a massage ball, for instance, can help relieve back pain. The aim of the back rest positions is to relieve back pain.

Prolonged lower back pain

It is best to walk regularly despite the pain if the back pain is severe (6-12 weeks). Studies have shown that a strong indication is the effect of exercise on back pain and injury.

When committing to work plans with the employer and occupational health insurance, it is best to return to work as soon as possible. Take care of work and home ergonomics such as appropriate work places, good office chair and job breaks.
If your back pain is obviously just getting worse and showing no signs of recovery, call your health center or health care provider.

    Try an effective breaker
    Guidelines for good ergonomics


Long-term or chronic lower back pain

If your back pain is long-lasting (over 12 weeks), you can feel better with regular exercise and adequate pain relief.

The fact that the underlying tissue damage has improved can cause long-term back pain, but the pain persists due to the control system dysfunction. Psychosocial factors such as depression, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, paranoia, and work-related issues can also influence the prolongation of pain. An important part of your rehabilitation is your active involvement in preserving and sustaining functional ability.

For more information about chronic pain

Two main types of back pain

It’s important to identify the forms of back pain. You will receive the best care based on the type of pain. Although total care is not dictated by pain type alone, it is an important factor in determining that pain medications are best for your situation.Types of pain include:

    Tissue damage pain, ie, nociceptive pain
    Neuropathic pain or neuropathic pain

Where Does Back Pain Cause How To Treat Pain? [Back pain symptoms]

Know more about back pain and back care Make a back pain survey to find out what kind of treatment your own back problems require recommendations for self-supporting back treatment Other back pain therapies: drugs, physiotherapy, rehabilitation of the vertebrae, operation

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