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New recommendations for Free Sugar

New recommendations for Free Sugar

It’s well known that we eat too much sugar as a country. But what are we expected to have and how can we can our intake? First of all, knowing that there are different types of sugar is crucial.

Free sugar= the sugar that the producer, cook or customer adds to the product, plus sugars that are naturally found in honey, syrups and unsweetened fruit juices and smoothies. Naturally Occurring Sugar= sugars found naturally in milk and sugars contained within the cellular structure of foods (especially fruits and vegetables that have not been mixed, we must strive to reduce the total amount of sugar in our diets, as getting too much can cause tooth decay, weight gain and long-term conditions like type 2 diabetes.
Aged 11 + & Adults Less than 4 — 6Aged7 — 1019g / d Less than 24g / d Less than 30g / d4.75 teaspoons 6 teaspoons 7.5 Aged 87% have too much sugar! The highest sugar intake is seen in children who each day have three times the recommended amount!

New recommendations for Free Sugar

Top tips on reducing sugar
Avoid sweet chocolate, cookies, candy and pastries. These should be an occasional treat that is not part of our daily diet. Food labels do not emphasize free sugars, but look for terms like cane / brown sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, sucrose, and glucose! To find a lower sugar alternative, use traffic light la belling to compare foods like cereal and young hurts. Looking for drinks is a good place to start. Drinks are the largest sugar contributor to the diets of many adults and children. Therefore, changing fizzy drinks like cola and flavoring milkshakes for water is an easy change to make, no sugar soft drinks like squash or milk. Swap juice for whole fruits and vegetables, so at the same time you get all the food. Therefore, sugar in f

Sugary Drinks


See how much sugar there is in these common beverages. Sweeteners do not contain calories and have not been associated with cancer, but they may cause us to have more of a sweet tooth, so they should not be eaten too often.

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