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lower back pain treatment

lower back pain treatment  2019


lower back pain 

General description

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to doctor and miss work and is one of the world’s leading causes of disability. Many people suffer at least once from back pain.

Fortunately, you may take steps to prevent or alleviate some back pain episodes. Normally, if the bar fails, simple home therapy and proper body mechanics will cure your back in a few weeks and make it useful. For relieve back pain, surgery is rarely needed.symptom
Signs and symptoms of back pain may include: muscle pain Throbbing pain Pain that radiates to the leg Pain that gets worse when you sit, stand, stand or walk Pain that gets better when you lie down.In most cases, with home treatment and personal care, back pain gradually improves, usually within a few weeks. If there is no change in your discomfort in that time, consult your doctor.

Back pain can suggest a serious medical problem in rare cases. If your back pain causes new bladder or intestine problems, seek immediate attention; it is followed by fever; it occurs after a fall, a back blow or another injury.

Contact a doctor if your back pain:
It is painful and does not improve with rest; it spreads to one or both legs, especially if the pain occurs under the knee; it induces fatigue, vomiting and tingling in one or both legs; it is followed by unexplained weight loss.

Remember, if you start having back pain after age 50, or if you have a history of cancer, osteoporosis, use of medications, or heavy use of drugs or alcohol, consult your doctor.Causes
Degeneration and spine trauma caused pain in the lower back.

Click here for more information on an infographic Back pain which suddenly appears and lasts less than six weeks (acute) can result from a heavy object falling or lifting. Back pain for longer than 3 months (chronic) is less common than acute pain.

Back pain sometimes happens without prompting the doctor to associate with a procedure or a mri scan. The symptoms commonly associated with back pain include: tension of the muscle or ligament. Repeated lifting of heavy objects or a sudden incorrect movement may place strain on the back muscles and spine ligaments.If your condition is not good, constant back pressure can cause painful spasms of the muscle.

Protrusion and disk herniation. The disks act as bridges between the spine’s bones (vertebrae). Inside the disk, the soft surface can have a bulge or a fracture and exert pressure on a nerve. You may have a bulge or a herniated disk, but, without any back pain.Discopathy is typically accidentally discovered when you have a spinex-ray for some other cause.

Arthritis. The lower back can suffer from osteoarthritis. Spine arthritis can, in some cases, decrease the space around the spinal cord, a condition called spinal stenosis.

Irregularities of the bone. A condition where the bends of the spine to the side (scoliosis) may also cause back pain, but generally not before middle age.   Osteoporosis.
If your bones are brittle and weak, the spine vertebrae may have compression fractures.

Risk factor Everyone, including children and adolescents, can experience back pain. Such factors may increase the risk that back pain can develop: age. Back pain is normal when you develop, beginning at 30 or 40 years of age.

Lack of exercise. Back and abdominal weak or unused muscles can cause back pain.

Over weight. Overweight of the body exerts a backward pressure.

Diseases. Some styles of inflammatory disease and willcer can contribute to back pain.Pick up objects incorrectly. Using the back instead of the legs can cause back pain.
Psychological conditions People prone to depression and anxiety seem to have a higher risk of suffering from back pain.
Smoking It reduces blood flow to the lower part of the spine, which may stop the body from providing the back discs with enough nutrients. Smoking prevents rehabilitation as well. Prevention

lower back pain treatment  2019

 Once you strengthen your physical condition and study and practice proper body mechanics, you can stop back pain and prevent it from happening again.
To keep your back strong and healthy:
Do workout. Regular practice of low-impact aerobic exercises (those that do not generate tension or shake your back) will strengthen your back’s strength and endurance and enable better work for your muscles. Walking and swimming are good options. Talk to your doctor about activities you can try.

Develop muscle strength and flexibility. Exercises for abdominal and back muscles that strengthen the middle region of?Help your body grow these muscles to act as your back’s natural strip. The flexibility in your hips and upper legs aligns your pelvic bones to improve the feeling in your back. You can be told by your doctor or physical therapist what activities are appropriate for you.

Keeping a healthy weight Overweight puts pressure on the back muscles. If you are overweight, you can remove back pain by losing weight. Don’t smoke. Talk to your doctor about stopping cigarette strategies. Remove rotational and pressure motions on your back. Use properly the body:Keep your body straight Do not lean over. Maintains a pelvic neutral position If you have to stay standing for a long time, place one foot on a low footrest to relieve any weight from the lower area of?Your back. Your back. Adjust the feet. Good posture can lower back muscle pressure.

You are sitting upright. Choose a chair with good back support, armrests and a pivoting foundation. In the lumbar region of? put a pillow or rolled towel?Your back will hold its normal curve.Place the same amount on your knees and hips. Change your position regularly, at least every[* fr1] hour.

Stand up straight, stand up. Stop lifting heavy objects if possible, but let your arms do the work if you need to do it. Bring the back straight (no twisting) and just bend the knees. Place the object next to your skin. Find a person to help you lift the object if it is heavy or uncomfortable.

lower back pain treatment  2019

Be a careful buyer
Because back pain is so common, several products promise prevention or relief. However, there is no evidence to show that the use of special shoes, insoles, back supports, specially designed furniture or stress management programs can be useful.
Also, there does not seem to be a type of mattress that is better for people with back pain. It is probably a matter of what is most comfortable for you.
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