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12 stupid things for perfect skin

12 stupid things for perfect skin

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    12 stupid things for perfect skin

Beauty ideas, we’ve got it. But do we know they’re good? With 12 make-up and bulk care tips, we’re trying to get back on track. For those who know them already, bravo! For those who would be lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these simple and effective beauty tips could quickly become your bare minimum to display beautiful skin and a fresh complexion. Follow this guide!
1. Eliminate excess sebum
It is the basis for showing beautiful skin on a daily basis and removing sebum and other impurities that distort the teint: good facial cleaning. To make your skin dry, surround yourself with a decent cleanser! Be sure to choose it based on your skin type, for example, oily skin will not have the same needs as dry skin. When adding a small lotion to extract limescale from the liquid, you can improve your cleaning routine. Finally, do not forget to do a small scrub once a week to remove dead cells.
2. To avoid dark circles, consider the circulation of blood
Now that you have a perfectly clean body, put yourself in the process of “hydration.” An early move we’re wearing or not making up. We start by taking care of his eyes outline. But be vigilant, regardless of how! We accept that spreading his serum or cream around the eye by massaging the eyes from the inside to the outside (no?) is normal..Serious error, if you want to be successful on a ring or pocket morning, better respect the lymphatic paths. Yes, these unpleasant problems are the result of inadequate blood circulation, and not taking the right path to stimulate the power of the eye area is more or less to do nothing. And we, women who are overworked, do not really need that. So now, with the index finger pulp, we do a mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin in circular motions by minimal pressure (and not by rubbing to prevent wrinkling the skin and making the emergence of wrinkles easier), ten times from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. And all around the orbit they do the same thing.
3. Apply care from the bottom to the top
Also hydration with the rest of the face. And here’s a simple trick that’s important when applying your moisturizer: the best thing is not to force the face down (it’s already doing it alone very well). It’s a weightlessness problem. We start from the neck to go up to the forehead and from the middle of the face up cheekbones to hydrate the skin of his face with his day cream. Guaranteed push-up impact. To us, a small step, a major leap in defying gravity laws.
And of course, one chooses it well before applying one’s treatment. For example, if you have normal skin combination, rely on a light, not too rich treatment that will provide enough hydration every day without greasing the skin. Our favorite is the warm humidifying Jonzac Thermal Water Dehydrate. This cream provides with its non-demonic formula, which is hypoallergenic and filled with vegetable glycerin.
4. Leave your face moisturizer away from the eye contour

Another beauty advice to add the cream: to avoid the whole place that frames the face, we pay careful attention. How? Because for this delicate area, our moisturizing treatment is too heavy in water. The contour skin is so thin that everything is consumed in too great an amount.And whoever says too much air, says swelling hair, says pocket appearance.
5. The peel to make a new skin
You remember the peeling? This is a skin peeling procedure. Yeah, you’re reading it right! The peel burns with acid a fine section of the skin to regenerate the epidermis ‘ upper layers. This technique is naturally performed solely by professionals. The peel is also suitable to get rid of wrinkles by eliminating many of our minor “imperfections.” A somewhat miraculous procedure costing between EUR 150 and EUR 500.

Fortunately, cosmetics are Eastern Time scrimmage for our pockets.
Henceforth, even thanks to Delaware’s beauty products, lupus Eratosthenes peeling civil time at the most affordable price.

Nevertheless, treatments for lupus eratosthenes are less standardized and therefore the peeling civil time is less effective in erasing wrinkles and fine lines from the world organization.6. Apply your foundation with your hands
Now you’ve got a beautiful, perfectly clean and hydrated body, it’s time to put on a makeup. Again, some tips are available to show a good teint. Whether you’re selecting a tinted cream or a translucent powder, let’s go with your hands. Why? Because the hands are “cold,” allowing the product’s molecules to function together. Ideally the product is cold, it melts easier on the skin and the result is much more natural..Of example, before and after you do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly7. Add a drop of serum into the foundation
The suggestion that comes directly from a makeup expert to operate on his skin. Giving her a more natural look and giving us a pretty face to make her makeup smoother, we add a drop of serum in her hand palm before applying it. Goodbye paste effect and makeup too much. It’s Tom Penuche who whispered it to us during a backstage show, the celebrity make-up artist. #Bonus Tip: Don’t try to hide it by putting it on the surface when you’re tired. It’s just more mummifying the eyes. And we relax the game by adding a drop of fluid base only on the face axis (we build a vertical line from the front to the chin) before extending it outwards.
8. Apply its concealer properly
Beauty Tip # 1: Take it easy. How? Because the concealer is more an enlightening device than a true camouflage tool. He plays with light to create some sort of optical effect, but he has limited power. If you have dark circles under your eyes, it’s easier to go to bed. The concealer is not going to do anything.
Beauty Tip #2: You tap your finger to avoid finding yourself under the eye with a big trace and fresh folds. It is applied “in triangle” starting with small dots of the eye’s inner corner, straight down to the nose’s lower level and diagonally up to the eye’s outer corner. Before leaving the circle, it spreads and avoids too close to the eyelashes center.
9. To wake up, think of the flesh pencil
Use a pencil line flesh inside the eye before gradually fading on the eyelids to remove minor redness (shame) after a night of insanity to get fresh in the morning. Garanteed whip of the ear!

10. Exfoliate his lips

We’re not talking about pumice when we’re talking about exfoliating. The skin of the lips should be considered to be 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. Therefore, an ultra-sensitive environment that we must be very cautious about. It is necessary to remove it from its dead skins (from time to time) and to hydrate it heavily (all the time) to make it very soft. So we give ourselves a little massage with specific gentle exfoliates (a little honey and sugar, it works too), and we can enjoy the night to offer a mask with ultra-moisturizing, nourishing, plumping balm. .. to wake up with pink baby lips.
11. To remove imperfections, put away your fingers
You’re going to say to Maine, “how to get rid of without touching?.” Sure, blackheads, little keys… Isn’t our face’s most beautiful influence. But it’s done with dirty nails and other! It’s best not to touch it and handle it kindly. How? Because it would only delay their fall by penetrating them. This is the best way to make the disease worse and a bad mark ends up. It’s almost like a dormant volcano waking up.We should stop and search instead to find the right astringent lotion (the top to close the pores, remove imperfections and unify the teint), make-up and gently wash morning and night, and wait a little. Little trick for home made fans, by adding a mixture of water + baking soda on the undesirable, you can also remove a tiny unsightly key. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. Let’s go ahead
12. To breathe

We knew it, sleeping to have a beautiful skin. But it’s not paradoxical to play sports? Not so much… Simply because sweating is the way to remove pressure and all the contaminants that obstruct our body and exhaust it through pores. To make it simple, the skin “self-cleans” and eliminates impurities and dead cells by enhancing suddenness, while increasing matriculation for enhanced irrigation and skin tissue health.
Hydrated skin is stronger, softer, cleaner, smoother, sharper… all in all. It is also true for the entire body. Take a ride to the steam room or sauna from time to time for lazy people, and you have started.

The best recipe: 40 minutes of running (at the non-counting supermarket)+ a fifteen-minute hammy. To drink a lot, not to mention.

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12 stupid things for perfect skin

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